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Generate High Quality Residential Lending Leads

One of the hardest parts of being a residential lender is generating consistent streams of new business relationships.

The tried and true method of doing this is by building relationships with listing agents and awareness with customers in your market. But do you know if it's working?

Do you know the second a property flips from available to contract pending? With CompleteBankData you can. You can stay on top of every residential transaction in your market area.

Revolutionize your residential lead generation tool by taking advantage of hard to find realtor information. Find the top selling realtors in your area, or evaluate the quality of your realtor relationships.

Find real estate listings that just changed to pending status with realtor contact information. Use this to contact realtors at the moment it matters, when a buyer has decided on a house but doesn't have financing yet.

Find qualified borrowers for refinancing by searching borrowers who meet specific criteria, or by examining a competitors customer list.

Borrower detail includes name, address, the principle amount, term, rate, and lending bank and other related information.

Manage Leads with Build-in CRM Tools

No more interrupting your workflow to switch between applications to track leads. CompleteBankData has built-in CRM tools that give you the ability to create, track and maintain your company's leads. Leads can be created for any entity type ranging from realtor relationships, to properties, to borrowers themselves. Share leads across a sales team and add notes as a deal progresses.

Use the CRM dashboard to measure your sales progress group or company-wide. The dashboard can be modified to show your sales funnel in a way that makes sense to your organization.

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