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Accurate Marketshare

Most bank analysis tools provide deposit marketshare information, which is useful in understanding where your bank fits in the overall deposit landscape, but does nothing to help understand where your institution stands relative to other lenders.

CompleteBankData provides accurate and real time marketshare statistics based on lending data. Evaluate your lending marketshare based on actual loans on the ground, not gut feel. Then drill down into individual property details and view the loan books of your closest competitors.

Know Your Peers Better Than They Know Themselves

Peer analysis is a bedrock of competitive bank analysis. But how can you gain an edge if you're looking at the same peers, across the same metrics as everyone else?

Stand apart from your peers by understanding their own bank as if you had access to their internal reports. You can do this by understanding where a peer is growing, and why they're growing. Evaluate lending market share at the individual loan level all the way up to lending activity at the county and state level.

Our detailed data allows you to zoom in and view competitor loan portfolios down to the individual holdings. Use this to conduct due-diligence on potential borrowers, or to launch a focused refinancing campaign.

See Competitor Loan Origination in Real Time

When your bank uses FDIC call reports to track competitors in the market place you are settling for a delayed 30,000ft view of their activity. When you use CompleteBankData you are gaining access to what loans your competitors closed yesterday, the terms of the loan, and the collateral. You can keep tabs on market activity in human time.

Gaining a real time perspective on competitive activity is essential to respond to market threats. With CompleteBankData you can detect trends before they're reflected in financial statements. Respond to those threats with directed marketing or increased awareness throughout your company, taking you from a position of response to a position of strength.

Heat Mapping Trends

We agree that a picture is worth a thousand words. Heat maps make trends come alive. Map real estate property trends, bank trends, and market share data in CompleteBankData. Heat maps give you the ability to view regional, state and national trends at the county, and state level.

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