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Commercial Lending Leads

How will you create new leads today?

It's easy to get caught up in paperwork and nurturing existing relationships. But your job depends on you finding new lending relationships. Without a steady flow of new loans your bank will struggle to survive. So what are you doing today to generate new business?

One of the most difficult aspects of being a commercial lender is prospecting for new business. You end up spending a lot of time and effort just to build a relationship before a potential borrower even considers your bank. And all of that investment is required before a loan even hits underwriting.

Imagine if you could streamline your lead generation process. And instead of haphazardly stumbling on new relationships systematically and methodically develop lists of highly qualified prospects, and then work through those prospects to generate new business.

CompleteBankData can do all of this for you.

We start by mining UCC statements and presenting you with qualified borrowers who have outstanding loans on the verge of ballooning.

But UCC data mining isn't all we do. You can dig into a potential borrowers other lending relationships, both past and present to identify new opportunities.

Do you have a view into all of your current customer's lending relationships? With CompleteBankData it's just a few clicks away.

For commercial real estate lenders we have a suite of tools that will help you as well. Identify the owners of a given property, find who their current lender is and view details of their loan including term, principle, and rate.

Respond To Competitor Loan Origination in Real-Time

Right now do you know what commercial loans your comptitors are closing on? Do you know what closed yesterday, today? With CompleteBankData you can see commercial originations in real-time for commercial property loans, operating loans (in certain states), and equipment financing loans.

Seize the Commercial Lending Marketplace

Do you have a comprehensive view of commercial lending in your market? Do you know who the top real estate brokers are? Do you really know, or are you trusting your gut and think you know? With CompleteBankData you can gain access to the current commercial lending marketplace as it's happening.

View details by county and market region and then drill down to current listings in one comprehensive dashboard.

Built in CRM capabilities

Once a lead has been identified you can use the in-app CRM capabilities to flag a lead as a viable opportunity and move it through the sales funnel. CompleteBankData was built top to bottom with CRM integration in mind. Anything from a listing, to a bank, to a relationship can be identified as a potential lead and tracked through the built-in CRM tools.

Already have a CRM system? No problem, our in-app CRM tools integrate seemlessly with the top CRM providers such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Generate leads from CompleteBankData and then update and track them with your own CRM tool.

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